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Case Fan [Luxion KeyShot]

Zalman, 3d
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Solidworks Model

Spire Whisper Rock III [Solidworks & KeyShot]

CPU Cooler, 3d,Spire


Free Solidworks Model

Scythe KATANA Cu

Scythe “KATANA Cu” 2 Heat Pipes & all Copper CPU Cooler

Scythe Katana


Download Free Solidworks Model

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プロセッサクーラー, 無料ダウンロードは、3Dモデル

Real Quadro vs Soft-Mod GeForce

nVidia Quadro FX 3500 vs. Soft-Mod GeForce 8800 GTX

Solidworks 2012 Performance Benchmark Test

nvidia Quadro vs Geforce

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nvidia Quadro vs Geforce

GPU-Z Screenshots

nvidia GeForce verse Quadro

System Hardware
CPU: Intel i5-3450, Ivy Bridge @ 3.5GHz
Motherboard:GIGABYTE GA-Z77-D3H LGA 1155
System Memory:Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 8GB,DDR3 @ 1600 MHz
Power supply: Seasonic 520 GB
Hard disk: SATA 2
System Software and Drivers
Operating System: Windows 7
Nvidia Quadro driver: 296.70

Converting GeForce into Quadro with RivaTuner

Transform, Convert  GeForce into a Quadro

geforce into quadro

GeForce to Quadro Soft-Mod

geforce to quadro, GeForce vs Quadro
GeForce and Quadro Solidworks viewport  comparison

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nVidia GeForce To Quadro, Soft-Mod Guide

Soft-Mod Into A Quadro !
nVidia 8800 GTX to Quadro FX 4600

Download Riva Tuner
Download nVidia Quadro Driver
Install Riva Tuner

Geforce to Quadro-SoftMod

1. Choose “low level system setting”
2. Go to NVStrap driver tab, click install
3. Select Graphics adapter Identification “custom”
4. Select NVidia Quadro FX 4600
5. Check Unlock professional capabilities
6. Click Apply and OK
7. Reboot and install Quadro driver

GeForce vs Quadro,geforce to quadro

Solidworks 2012 Performance Benchmark Test

Solidworks 2012 Performance Benchmark

Geforce to Quadro-Performance Increase

GeForce vs Quadro,soft-mod geforce to quadro

Geforce into Quadro

convert geforce to quadro, GeForce vs Quadro

nVidia GeForce G80

System Configuration for the Benchmark:
CPU: Intel i5-3450, Ivy Bridge @ 3.5GHz
RAM: Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 8GB,DDR3 @ 1600 MHz
GPU: EVGA GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB,384-bit
GeForce ForceWare (301.42)
Quadro ForceWare (296.70)

Check out SolidWorks Official Performance Test for REAL Nvidia
Quadro FX 4600

Click on Logo and  type in search box “fx 4600”

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DaVinci 3D Exhibition, Milan

The entire National Museum of Science and Technology “Leonardo da Vinci” was hosted a collective of young unestablished designers under Tom Dixon’s MOST exhibition.
The talk around town discussed how MOST design festival’s context did the Designers block exhibitors favors, good green designs shining a lot at this year’s show.

Several 3D Experiences created with 3DS 3DVIA Studio were presented for the first time during the event, including:

The Da Vinci Virtual Museum, displaying 3D objects rebuilt from Da Vinci sketches, in the multi-user online platform 3DS 3DVIAScenes (link). Walk around, discover some historical facts, understand and share Da Vinci’s concepts in an online 3D environment.

The Paddle Boat interactive experience where the complete concept as well as mechanics are explained in a very beautiful 3D context. Those of you equipped with Xbox gamepads will also be able to play with it (link).

Da Vinci Paddle Boat – 3d Print, Exhibition

Da Vinci’s Paddle Boat: from an Animated 3D design to an Exact Replica ,

Da Vinci Paddle Boat – 3d Print

Importing Solidworks files into Maya

Advanced Car Rigging in Maya – Chapter 21, Importing Solidworks files into Maya

Solidworks to Maya

Solidworks in Maya

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Opening SolidWorks Files in Maya, Render a SolidWorks Model in Maya, Animate SolidWorks Model in Maya

How to import SolidWorks Model in Maya, Shimano Derailleur

Shimano Derailleur, Gear-change mechanism

Solidworks to Maya

Import Solidworks in Maya

Step 1: Save Solidworks assembly, .sldasm, Solidworks
Step 2: Import .sldasm, SimLab Composer
Step 3: Export as .obj, SimLab Composer
Step 4: Import .obj in Maya,,
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Solidworks Benchmarks – Test Your Machine

Punch Holder Benchmark:

Solidworks Benchmark

Download the files (34.3 MB), submit your results:

Scooby-Doo Surface Model Benchmark:

Solidworks surface Benchmark

Download the files (17.7 MB) and submit your results:

tsElements Plug-in for Solidworks

Using Autodesk tsElements Plug-in, you can import concept models and surface designs from Autodesk T-Splines Plug-in for Rhino directly into SolidWorks. Fully integrated with the SolidWorks feature tree, Autodesk tsElements Plug-increates a smooth, gap-free surface or solid that you can manipulate with intuitive and fun push-pull commands — while maintaining NURBS compatibility.

tsElements, Solidworks


Handsaw Animation – Autodesk Maya & Solidworks

Fuchsschwanz, Handsaw, 3163 x 1037

Download Free Solidworks Model


Alfred v.1.2, Free Maya Character,  by Rodri Torres
WorkBench – Autodesk Inventor 2012 – By Tobias Mattsson
Clamp – *.stl – By Denis Voltan
HandSaw – Solidworks 2008 – Mark Hedron
Wood Plank – Autodesk Maya  – Mark Hedron
Autodesk Maya Animation – Mark Hedron, octoHEDRON Design, 3d Studio UK, 2012

Foot Pump – Animation, [Fußpumpe mit Manometer]

Foot Pump Animation

Single Cylinder Foot Pump With Pressure Gauge

DOWNLOAD Free Solidworks Model

Blowtorch Animation

Blowtorch Animation, Solidworks

Blowtorch Animation

Blowtorch - Solidworks

Blowtorch - Solidworks

Chain Animation – Solidworks, Maya

chain animation, solidworks

Free Download

chain animation, solidworks

chain animation


Kinetic Solar System Animation [Solidworks & Maya]

Solidworks Model Animated in Maya

Newton’s Cradle (Pendulum) – SolidWorks Model in Maya

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Kinetic Solar System – Free Solidworks Model

Kinetic Solar System – Scientific Desk Sculpture

Kinetic Solar System - Animation

Kinetic Solar System

Solar System - Animation

Kinetic Solar System


Newton’s Pendulum – Solidworks

Solidworks Free Model – Newton’s Cradle,  Newton’s Pendulum

Newton's Cradle, Solidworks, 3d, Newton's Pendulum

Newton's Cradle


The device is also known as an executive ball clicker,Newton’s balls, Newton’s pendulum,Newtonian Demonstrator, Executive Toy Destresser

Da Vinci’s Catapult – Solidworks

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Catapult – SolidWorks Free Model [WIP]

Catapult, Solidworks Free Model, Da Vinci

Da Vinci's Catapult

Da Vinci's Catapult, 3d


Download [GrabCAD]
Mirror 1 [3d] – FEATURED CONTENT: STAFF PICKS (01.01.2012.)

Blowtorch , Lötlampe – FEATURED CONTENT: STAFF PICKS (01.01.2012.)

Blow Torch – Free SolidWorks Model

Benzin Lötlampe, Gasoline Blowtorch

blowtorch, free model


blowtorch, solidworks

Benzin Lötlampe

solidworks, blowtorch

Blow Torch

Facebook on fire, google+ burn

Facebook on Fire

Free Download [GrabCAD]
Download Mirror 1 [3dContentCentral] – Live 3d Preview
Download Mirror 2 [] – Real-time 3D in your browser

Back to SolidWorks – Blowtorch (Lötlampe)

Benzin Lötlampe, Gasoline Blowtorch [SolidWorks]

Blowtorch 3d model, SolidWorks

Blowtorch 3d

Blowtorch, 3d model, SolidWorks

Benzin Lötlampe

Blowtorch, free 3d model, SolidWorks

Gasoline Blowtorch

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Parameter and equation driven 3D Model created in SolidWorks – Kettenräder, Chainring

parametric model, chainring, solidworks

Parameter Driven 3d model

This is my Chainring model done with SolidWorks and also been done with parameters.
The Excel document is within the zip file all you have to do it change input parameters and SolidWorks will generate 3d model for You.

Ketten,Kettenräder, Chainring, 3d Model, SolidWorks, Parameter and equation driven 3D Model created in SolidWorks

Free SolidWorks Models – Pack One

Old CPU Coolers & Stand Fan

Free SolidWorks Models, Old CPU

Free SolidWorks Models, Old CPU

Download Free – My Solidworks Models –

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