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Importing Solidworks files into Maya

Advanced Car Rigging in Maya – Chapter 21, Importing Solidworks files into Maya

Solidworks to Maya

Solidworks in Maya

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How to import SolidWorks Model in Maya, Shimano Derailleur

Shimano Derailleur, Gear-change mechanism

Solidworks to Maya

Import Solidworks in Maya

Step 1: Save Solidworks assembly, .sldasm, Solidworks
Step 2: Import .sldasm, SimLab Composer
Step 3: Export as .obj, SimLab Composer
Step 4: Import .obj in Maya,,
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Advanced Car Rigging in Maya – Chapter 18, Setting up a path animation

Creative Studio: Advanced Car Rigging in Maya with Mark Hedron
Chapter 18, Setting up a path animation

path animation, maya

Reliant Top View

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  – Advanced Car Rigging in Maya –

DaVinci Factory –

Da Vinci Factory

Factory showroom featuring DaVinci 3D models from passionate designers around the globe.
Thank you to designer’s Chuck Ridley, Russel Richardson, Mark Hedron, Brian Law, Jonathan Marques …

Advanced Car Rigging in Maya – Chapter 17, Door Rig

Creative Studio: Advanced Car Rigging in Maya with Mark Hedron
Chapter 17, Driver’s Side Door (Handle & Window) Rig

Car Rig, Advanced

Reliant Regal, British Three-Wheeler

Free Chapter 17.pdf will be available for download soon

Solidworks Benchmarks – Test Your Machine

Punch Holder Benchmark:

Solidworks Benchmark

Download the files (34.3 MB), submit your results:

Scooby-Doo Surface Model Benchmark:

Solidworks surface Benchmark

Download the files (17.7 MB) and submit your results:

Autodesk Maya Benchmark – Test Your Machine

Mental Ray Benchmark

Maya Benchmark, Mental Ray

Maya Benchmark Scene

Download Maya Scene [160 KB], render it and submit your result !

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