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Da Vinci – Paddle Boat

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Falling Pixel
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Blowtorch [Lötlampe]

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Reliant Regal

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Agria 6000, IMT 506

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‘I like that nice and simple do you mind me asking in what countries do they use it(nice modelling)………dave’
daverave, England

‘I used to watch that all the time with my parents when I was younger’.
Mayaniac, Derby

‘Why spiderman dont you think he has enought to do……….LOL……dave ‘
daverave, England

Wenn ich das richtig verstehe, geht´s da um CAD oder sowat ähnliches.
Was mich etwas wundert ist die Bezeichnung IMT “Fresa” Agria 6000. Das würde für mich darauf hinweisen, das die 6000 im früheren Jugoslawien (oder vielleicht Heute noch ) gebaut wurde (wird).

Bernhard, Rurtal, Rheinland

‘I like your model just think your lighting is a bit off………..dave’
daverave, England

‘ … Nee, die wird von Marvel bestückt … ‘
Skookum, 57074 Siegen

Looks really cool. Nice and clean modeling it looks like.

‘Это реально игра такая? ))) или просто стёб’

‘das ist nicht low poly… weningstens gut gemodelt. ist das eigentlich werbung?’

oh, well ok
but your preview image shows some parts with smooth polygons, and a lot of things are not well made in fact that this schould be a low poly model, so i was courious about that.
edit: oh you removed the “lowpoly” tag, so now its okay’
It doesn’t seem to be lowpoly on the first render…
Klobsters, Latvia

Very nice modeling! Is there any chance you have/can make a render of the front? Also, you going to add rust/dirt, just a suggestion
kalum, aaland

Very nice model to say the least. Have you been modeling long, if you don’t mind me asking?
kalum, aaland

model looks great, gotta love Delboy!
greenvampire, UK

Not exactly lowpoly. The basemesh surely is, but if you apply turbosmooth for rendering it is a highpoly model.
Looks great though, very nice details. Id love to see some renders of it

schaefft, Germany

I was also thinking this,
would you like this moving to highpoly section?

greenvampire, UK

Nice job !
fatgav,Salisbury, UK

Nice model, could not have chosen an uglier car though Wouldn’t mind seeing a render without smoothing applied (if you plan on keeping that low res mesh) Also nice to see someone putting some effort into the underside of the car, never know when a car with 1 front wheel is going to roll
3dspider, Australia

One tiny thing that just jumped out after seeing the above picture, but I’d suggest getting hold of a decent UK number plate font for your texture… Nice work, though
fatgav,Salisbury, UK

Really nice model however, my only criticism would be that the smoothing, especially on the back looks a little odd.
NATO_chrisjm,Liverpool, UK

Love to see models like this. Too many lambos and veyrons.
Good execution too. Look forward to seeing this develop more.

phrenzy84, London, UK

great choice for a model!
are you planning to ‘beat it up’ with textures? show wear and tear?
if so by textures or additional modelling.

cadguycad, England

lol, isn’t this the car that Mr. Bean keeps running into…? Nicely done.
SamIAm1, India

Wow man that looks like an intense boat to sail…nice job.
bullet1968, Australia

Nice concept.
Reiner    Prokein

I really like the presentation of the last image. Good work.

looks good work on texture and fire..
subrat,vadodara , india

nice work,,,
i_close2you, islamabad, Pakistan

I can see some holes in polys that have no supporting edges that render OK how are you getting that……………dave
daverave, UK

Nice modeling…good going..:)
subrat, senior guru, cgArena

Looks good. I like the detail on the knob. Wireframes look clean too.

hot stuff looks great

Don’t burn ME with that flame!
Oh, and great going on that, btw.
WedgeBob ,Cleveland, OH, USA

I love the fuzzy dice!
ctbram, simplymaya forum moderator, Michigan, USA

So is this game for a legit project or a side one you are putting together (Just googled and saw it was a MS game). Engine?
Scripting language? C#?
Chavfister, Los Angeles

Really really nice choice of vehicle. Loved it !
Doncha_magoso, Mexico

Oh man when is that thing going to be available in the states!
Iminshul, Pittsburgh

Guat schaugts aus. Wieviele Polys hat denn der Kleine?

Model looks ok to me, but you should not export the smoothed version, instead remove the edge loops you created for the “mesh smooth” operation and start to model it as you want it to be from the start. Then you are getting closer to “Low Poly” smile . Furthermore you should start using texture maps for your model. The plain color is just not enough, no matter how detailled your modell is. But it’s a great start and a nice mod smile I am looking forward to seeing more Farming Simulator Items by you.


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