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An expo of the Da Vinci Paddleboat

Paddle boat @

Paddle Boat Expo

The Da vinci’s paddle boat experience was made for the National Museum of Science and Technology “Leonardo da Vinci” that was exhibiting in Milan.This application highlights the famous paddleboat, allowing user to click and move to understand the ingenious mecanism.This online application uses specific visual FX as bloom effects, sketch rendering and depth of field.

Drive Shaft and U-Joint (Cardan Joint) Animation

Advanced Car Rigging in Maya – Chapter 22, Drive Shaft and U-Joint Animation

Drive Shaft, U-Joint

Drive Shaft

General Expression: rotateZ = frame * attribute ;
Drive Shaft Expression: Drive_Shaft1.rotateZ=frame*(-1)* Car_Root_Control.Gears*7;

Handsaw Animation – Autodesk Maya & Solidworks

Fuchsschwanz, Handsaw, 3163 x 1037

Download Free Solidworks Model


Alfred v.1.2, Free Maya Character,  by Rodri Torres
WorkBench – Autodesk Inventor 2012 – By Tobias Mattsson
Clamp – *.stl – By Denis Voltan
HandSaw – Solidworks 2008 – Mark Hedron
Wood Plank – Autodesk Maya  – Mark Hedron
Autodesk Maya Animation – Mark Hedron, octoHEDRON Design, 3d Studio UK, 2012

Just Got promoted with a ‘Top Animator’ badge – GrabCAD

Animator Badge

Agria 6000 Einachser, IMT 506 – Animation

Agria 6000, IMT 506 – Motocultivator, Motorhacke, motozappatrice, freza,Einachstraktor,Einachsschlepper, Einachser, landwirtschaftliche Maschine, Fräse, ΦΡΕΖΑ

Saw Animation

Calad 3000, Electric Saw, Jigsaw, Cordless Saw ,Hand-Held Saw, Elektrische Stichsäge – Animation

Paper Hole Punch – Animation

paper hole punch animation

Paper Hole

Solidworks 3d Model

Foot Pump – Animation, [Fußpumpe mit Manometer]

Foot Pump Animation

Single Cylinder Foot Pump With Pressure Gauge

DOWNLOAD Free Solidworks Model

Blowtorch Animation

Blowtorch Animation, Solidworks

Blowtorch Animation

Blowtorch - Solidworks

Blowtorch - Solidworks

Chain Animation – Solidworks, Maya

chain animation, solidworks

Free Download

chain animation, solidworks

chain animation


Free Screensaver Made in Solidworks and Maya

Screensaver – Kinetic Solar System, Desk Sculpture

free screensaver, solidworks, maya

ScreenSaver Created in Maya


Kinetic Solar System Animation [Solidworks & Maya]

Solidworks Model Animated in Maya

Newton’s Cradle (Pendulum) – SolidWorks Model in Maya

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