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nVidia Quadro FX 1500 Benchmark Results

nVidia Quadro FX for Games ?


Benchmark Results:

3DMark2001: 32739
Solidworks 2012 Performance Test: 64 sec
PhysX FluidMark: 39 points
FurMark GPU Stress Test: 163 points
MSI Kombustor: 87 Points
ShaderToyMark: 29 Points
Video Card Stability Test: 1214
RedSDK Turbine Benchmark: 271

Click for Benchmark Screenshots:

Quadro_Benchmark, Quadro for Games

Click to Enlarge

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Advanced Car Rigging in Maya – Chapter 16, Drift Control

Creative Studio: Advanced Car Rigging in Maya with Mark Hedron

Chapter 16, Drift Control

Rigging, Maya, Drift Control, Vehicle Rig, Advanced Car Rig
Drift Control

Farming Simulator – IMT 506, Agria 6000 [WIP]

FArming Simulator Mod, IMT 506, Agria

More Info:

Work In Progress – Agria 6000 (Farming Simulator)

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