Advanced Car Rigging in Maya – Chapter 17, Door Rig

Creative Studio: Advanced Car Rigging in Maya with Mark Hedron
Chapter 17, Driver’s Side Door (Handle & Window) Rig

Car Rig, Advanced

Reliant Regal, British Three-Wheeler

Free Chapter 17.pdf will be available for download soon


Solidworks Benchmarks – Test Your Machine

Punch Holder Benchmark:

Solidworks Benchmark

Download the files (34.3 MB), submit your results:

Scooby-Doo Surface Model Benchmark:

Solidworks surface Benchmark

Download the files (17.7 MB) and submit your results:

Autodesk Maya Benchmark – Test Your Machine

Mental Ray Benchmark

Maya Benchmark, Mental Ray

Maya Benchmark Scene

Download Maya Scene [160 KB], render it and submit your result !

tsElements Plug-in for Solidworks

Using Autodesk tsElements Plug-in, you can import concept models and surface designs from Autodesk T-Splines Plug-in for Rhino directly into SolidWorks. Fully integrated with the SolidWorks feature tree, Autodesk tsElements Plug-increates a smooth, gap-free surface or solid that you can manipulate with intuitive and fun push-pull commands — while maintaining NURBS compatibility.

tsElements, Solidworks


Da Vinci – Paddle Boat [Maya, SolidWorks]

Le invenzioni di Leonardo da Vinci: La Barca a Pale (Paddle Boat)

Da Vinci, Paddle Boat, Maya, 3d Model

Da Vinci - Paddle Boat

DaVinci - Boat

DaVinci - Boat

Paddle Boat, Da Vinci, 3d


Paddle Boat, Leonardo Da Vinci, Barca a Pale

Paddle Boat, Barca a Pale


Rendering Wireframe with Ambient Occlusion [BlowTorch]

Rendering Wireframe, Ambient Occlusion, Mental Ray

Rendering Wireframe with Ambient Occlusion

Handsaw Animation – Autodesk Maya & Solidworks

Fuchsschwanz, Handsaw, 3163 x 1037

Download Free Solidworks Model


Alfred v.1.2, Free Maya Character,  by Rodri Torres
WorkBench – Autodesk Inventor 2012 – By Tobias Mattsson
Clamp – *.stl – By Denis Voltan
HandSaw – Solidworks 2008 – Mark Hedron
Wood Plank – Autodesk Maya  – Mark Hedron
Autodesk Maya Animation – Mark Hedron, octoHEDRON Design, 3d Studio UK, 2012

Just Got promoted with a ‘Top Animator’ badge – GrabCAD

Animator Badge

Agria 6000 Einachser, IMT 506 – Animation

Agria 6000, IMT 506 – Motocultivator, Motorhacke, motozappatrice, freza,Einachstraktor,Einachsschlepper, Einachser, landwirtschaftliche Maschine, Fräse, ΦΡΕΖΑ

Saw Animation

Calad 3000, Electric Saw, Jigsaw, Cordless Saw ,Hand-Held Saw, Elektrische Stichsäge – Animation

Paper Hole Punch – Animation

paper hole punch animation

Paper Hole

Solidworks 3d Model – FEATURED CONTENT: STAFF PICKS (17 January, 2012)

Foot Pump – FEATURED CONTENT: STAFF PICKS (17.01.2012)

Foot Pump – Animation, [Fußpumpe mit Manometer]

Foot Pump Animation

Single Cylinder Foot Pump With Pressure Gauge

DOWNLOAD Free Solidworks Model

Blowtorch Animation

Blowtorch Animation, Solidworks

Blowtorch Animation

Blowtorch - Solidworks

Blowtorch - Solidworks

Chain Animation – Solidworks, Maya

chain animation, solidworks

Free Download

chain animation, solidworks

chain animation


Free Screensaver Made in Solidworks and Maya

Screensaver – Kinetic Solar System, Desk Sculpture

free screensaver, solidworks, maya

ScreenSaver Created in Maya


Kinetic Solar System – FEATURED CONTENT: STAFF PICKS (09.01.2012), featured content

Solar System – Kinetic Solar System

Kinetic Solar System Animation [Solidworks & Maya]

Solidworks Model Animated in Maya

Newton’s Cradle (Pendulum) – SolidWorks Model in Maya

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Solidworks to Maya How to,Opening SolidWorks Files to Maya,Solidworks importer for Maya, solidworks into maya, your free source for Autodesk Maya,

Kinetic Solar System – Free Solidworks Model

Kinetic Solar System – Scientific Desk Sculpture

Kinetic Solar System - Animation

Kinetic Solar System

Solar System - Animation

Kinetic Solar System


Newton’s Pendulum – Solidworks

Solidworks Free Model – Newton’s Cradle,  Newton’s Pendulum

Newton's Cradle, Solidworks, 3d, Newton's Pendulum

Newton's Cradle


The device is also known as an executive ball clicker,Newton’s balls, Newton’s pendulum,Newtonian Demonstrator, Executive Toy Destresser

Advanced Car Rigging in Maya – Chapter 16, Drift Control

Creative Studio: Advanced Car Rigging in Maya with Mark Hedron

Chapter 16, Drift Control

Rigging, Maya, Drift Control, Vehicle Rig, Advanced Car Rig
Drift Control

Da Vinci’s Catapult – Solidworks

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Catapult – SolidWorks Free Model [WIP]

Catapult, Solidworks Free Model, Da Vinci

Da Vinci's Catapult

Da Vinci's Catapult, 3d


Download [GrabCAD]
Mirror 1 [3d] – FEATURED CONTENT: STAFF PICKS (01.01.2012.)

Blowtorch , Lötlampe – FEATURED CONTENT: STAFF PICKS (01.01.2012.)

Blow Torch – Free Maya Model

Blowtorch, Free Maya Model, solidworks

BlowTorch Maya

Imported Solidworks Model in Maya

Mirror 1 [CreativeCrash]

Blow Torch – Free SolidWorks Model

Benzin Lötlampe, Gasoline Blowtorch

blowtorch, free model


blowtorch, solidworks

Benzin Lötlampe

solidworks, blowtorch

Blow Torch

Facebook on fire, google+ burn

Facebook on Fire

Free Download [GrabCAD]
Download Mirror 1 [3dContentCentral] – Live 3d Preview
Download Mirror 2 [] – Real-time 3D in your browser

Back to SolidWorks – Blowtorch (Lötlampe)

Benzin Lötlampe, Gasoline Blowtorch [SolidWorks]

Blowtorch 3d model, SolidWorks

Blowtorch 3d

Blowtorch, 3d model, SolidWorks

Benzin Lötlampe

Blowtorch, free 3d model, SolidWorks

Gasoline Blowtorch

Blowtorch, free 3d model, SolidWorks,Benzin Lötlampe, Gasoline Blowtorch , blowlamp gas-stove, gas torch, blow tool, welding equipment, burner propylene, handle flammable, industrial welder, brenner, 3d model, Free Solidworks Models, propane burner

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Advanced Car Rigging in Maya – Chapter 15, Creating an effective Steering System

Creative Studio: Advanced Car Rigging in Maya with Mark Hedron

Chapter 15, Creating an effective Steering System

Rigging, Steering Wheel, rigging in Maya

Steering System

Parameter and equation driven 3D Model created in SolidWorks – Kettenräder, Chainring

parametric model, chainring, solidworks

Parameter Driven 3d model

This is my Chainring model done with SolidWorks and also been done with parameters.
The Excel document is within the zip file all you have to do it change input parameters and SolidWorks will generate 3d model for You.

Ketten,Kettenräder, Chainring, 3d Model, SolidWorks, Parameter and equation driven 3D Model created in SolidWorks

Free SolidWorks Models – Pack One

Old CPU Coolers & Stand Fan

Free SolidWorks Models, Old CPU

Free SolidWorks Models, Old CPU

Download Free – My Solidworks Models –

Advanced Car Rigging in Maya – Chapter 13, Rigging Lights

Creative Studio: Advanced Car Rigging in Maya with Mark Hedron

Chapter 13 –  Rigging Lights

After this chapter you will be able to  turn on/off  Headlights by a Dashboard Switch.

Scene Setup:
Click to enlarge

Connect Dashboard Toggle Switch and Light Incandescence.
Result:  Dash indicator Light controled by  two position (toggle) Switch. 
Rigging in Maya

Connect HeadLights and Dashboard Switch:
Rigging in Maya
lick to enlarge


Input and OutPut Connections for Dashboard Light Switch:

lick to enlarge

Rigging in Maya
Free Download – Chapter 13
Step by Step Rigging Tutorial 

Advanced Car Rigging in Maya – Chapter 10, Adding in Roll and Lean

Creative Studio: Advanced Car Rigging in Maya with Mark Hedron

Chapter 10, Adding in Roll and Lean Controls

Rigging, Car Rigging

Adding in Roll and Lean

Advanced Car Rigging in Maya – Chapter 12, Rigging Windshield Wipers

Creative Studio: Advanced Car Rigging in Maya with Mark Hedron

Chapter 12, Rigging Windshield Wipers

After this chapter you will be able to turn on/off wipers and change windshield wipers speed by Dash  toggle switch.

Wipers Equation Before this Chapter :
rY = (sin (0.9 * time) * Angle) + Position

Wipers Equation After this Chapter:
rY = Wipers_On_Off *(sin (0.9 * frame * (Wipers_Speed)* 60) + 330)

Download Chapter 12 -PDF

Advanced Car Rigging in Maya – Chapter 08, Rigging Wheels

Creative Studio: Advanced Car Rigging in Maya with Mark Hedron

 Chapter 08, Rigging Wheels, Reliant Regal SuperVan III

Click for PDF Version

Click for HTML Version

“… Circumference of Wheel = 2*r* π = 2 * 3.054 * 3.14 = 19.179
When  Reliant Regal travels a distance of 19.179 units the wheels should rotate 360 degrees…”

Advanced Car Rigging in Maya – Part One

Creative Studio: Advanced Car Rigging in Maya with Mark Hedron

Published by 3d Studio UK and Octohedron Design

| December 8, 2011 | Autodesk Maya | Author: Mark Hedron |

Rigging in Maya

Rigging in Maya

Click for PDF !

Reliant Regal – Modeling for Games

Reliant Regal 3d Model

Reliant Regal Maya Vechicle

Reliant Regal for games

Reliant Regal 3d model

Reliant Regal 3d

Tags: Reliant Regal, Modeling Maya, Low Poly Vehicle, Free 3d model,Super Van,Trotters, Peckham, Cartoon Vehicle, Del Boy, Only Fools and Horses, BBC Comedy, Sitcom, 3d, Del Boy Trotter,John Sullivan, UK Comedy, Modeling for Games

Reliant Regal – Rigging

Reliant Regal Rigging

More Details:

Farming Simulator – IMT 506, Agria 6000 [WIP]

FArming Simulator Mod, IMT 506, Agria

More Info:

Work In Progress – Agria 6000 (Farming Simulator)

Rigging in Maya – Part One

Rigging in Maya, Motozappa

More Details & Photos:

IMT 506 ‘Freza’, Agria 6000

More Details & Photos:

Ford Model T

More Details & Photos:

Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Bugatti Veyron, 3d Model

Bugatti Veyron, 3d Model

More Details & Photos in WIP Section

Importing Maya Models into Games

Importing Maya Models into Games (Midtown Madness2)

Importing Maya Models into Games

Importing Maya Models into Games

Reliant Regal

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Reliant 3d Model Will Be Available For Download Soon !

More Photos:

Euro Pallet, EUR-EPAL, 3d Model

Autodesk Maya, 3d Modeling, Animation, Rigging

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