Ivy Bridge Real-World Benchmark Results

Solidworks 2012 & Autodesk Maya 2012 Real-World Benchmark Results,  Intel i5-3450 – Ivy Bridge

Intel i5-3450 Real-World Benchmark

Solidworks 2012 – Solidmuse Punch Holder Rebuild Time

Autodesk Maya 2012 – Zoorender Benchmark Results

Solidworks 2012 Rebuild Time: 50.21 s
Maya 2012 Mental Ray Benchmark Result: Render Time 46 s

Cinebench Release 11.5:  CPU 6.16 pts
Linx 0.6.4 GFlops: 95.5
Intel Burn Test 2.53: 101.22 GFlops
Windows Experience Index: Processor Subscore 7.5
WinRAR Benchmark and Hardware Test: 3,522 KB/s

Click for Benchmark Screenshots

Click for Official Zoorender.com – Mental Ray Benchmark Results
Click Here for Official Solidmuse.com Benchmark Results

ツタ橋実世界のベンチマーク結果, オートデスクマヤ2012 – ベンチマーク結果

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